About Appeos

What is Appeos?

Appeos allows anyone to create full-featured, complex web applications, without the traditional need for IT Developers, expensive and long-lasting projects, and the normal disruption associated with IT developments.

Simple applications that would normally take weeks to build, can be built in days, while complex systems that might traditionally take months or even years to complete, can be built in just a few weeks.

Real-world Experience

If this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. A prototype version of Appeos is already in use at some test sites in the UK, where business people have built several applications which they use every day to get their jobs done. In one case, a small team of business people have built a complex insurance system with Appeos that consists of over 2,000 screens and hundreds of reports. It is used throughout the company to process hundreds of millions of pounds of business per year.

Real-world experience shows that after minimal training, any business person can build what they need with Appeos quicker than they can document their requirements, in the traditional way. This means that the business gets what they want, when they want it, with vastly reduced costs and much less valuable time expired, yielding faster time to market, increased business agility and much better user buy-in for new applications.

Why “Appeos”?

The name Appeos is based upon “App”, which is short for Application, and “Eos” which was the Greek god of the new dawn.

Appeos represents a new dawn in the way that business applications are created and maintained.

For many decades, business has been at the mercy of IT departments, with their budgets, timescales and priorities, or external third-parties, when it came to bespoke applications.

Now, at last, Appeos allows business people to design, build, maintain and manage their own applications, without the need to rely on IT departments or third-party suppliers. Thus we see the “democratisation” of the application creation process.

Instead of spending weeks documenting requirements and then waiting months for an application to be built, anyone can simply build it themselves, much faster than they could document it.


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